Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Pieces by Alan Kelly


I watched the building opposite

the hotel

Fill with sun

making bright

eyes of its bare windows

The palms of my hand

On the eerie pane

He made small


On the back of my legs

And the scream that my mouth shaped became full

with squares of light


In Her Head

In her Skull




Walls papered by flesh



In her skull




Halls carpeted with veins

Lined with

Daguerreotypes of Dead Folk

Glaring out

At her

From jaded


Serious, ridiculous, overblown, pretentious & warped, Alan K has written for Film Ireland, Streetwise, The City Guidebook, Pretty-Scary, GCN, Penny Blood, 3:AM and ButcherQueers. His fiction has appeared in Beat the Dust, Lit Up Magazine, Gold Dust, Parasitic, Dogmatika, The Bloodied Quill and forthcoming in Sein and Werden.

Shoots and Vines First Print Zine

Shoots and Vines first print zine will be available in January. Eighteen pages of black and white art, prose, poetry, and flash fiction.

This is a grassroots attempt to distribute the work of our contributors and get their names out to the public. I have two places already that will let me distribute the copies. All copies are free. We are keeping the zine short in the hope that people will make copies and distribute to their friends.

Submissions are now open. Please add Print Zine Submission to the subject of your email. Remember that the zine is ten 8" by 11" pages folded in half. Long pieces of poetry or fiction might be rejected due to length. I want to put as many writers in the zine as I can. Artists can submit small images to decorate the pages. I'm also looking for two larger black and white drawings, plus a cover design.

I'll put a copyright on it for the contributors, but this zine may be printed many times and I can't control where it goes after distribution.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the zine so you can make copies and distribute, let me know. Again, this is grassroots work. I don't get paid. You don't get paid. Contributors do not get paid. What we will get is the opportunity to help fellow writers and artists.

The back page of the zine will have a link for each contributor so readers can find more good pieces of work online. Contributors will receive one copy to do with as they please (hopefully make copies and distribute).