Saturday, December 13, 2008

Featured Writer: Scot Young Day 2

hey jude

most everybody
had a shitty childhood
not that every minute
was a fucking nightmare
but the shit seems to stand out
stays fresh and
rubs off on your clothes
when you walk
too close to yesterday

i'd say you wear it well
like a yellow star
pinned to that dirty shirt
so others can
pick you out

bribe the guards
with what you got
to avoid the showers
because the smell
of shit is still better
than standing in line

bar time

been watching her for an hour
other end of the bar
stripper tits
blouse tied underneath
i caught her looking
bedroom eye lashes
like pulling down
the shades
guy walks in
buys her a drink
sits down
i moved closer
she lit a cigarette
told the new guy
through a cloud of smoke
that the lousy
sonofabitch she had last
night couldn't keep up
she wanted a man
to go all night
who wasn't afraid to give
a woman what she wants
holding a full beer
he looked over at me
I shrugged
looked at the clock
it was still early
and i was closest
to the door…


28 days of kama sutra

teenage car sex
under a cheesy moon
eight track plays
croce low
love song
sets the mood
top down to give
us more room
you borrowed
yr sister's
kama sutra
had 20 minutes
before the porch light
came on
we were on day 1
I prayed for 27
more just like
this one