Sunday, December 14, 2008

Featured Writer: Scot Young Day 3

covered in dust waiting for rain

this old truck tucked
just into the woods
off a dirt road
cedar growing
through its skeleton
used to haul
field dressed deer
during season or not
sometimes moonshine
up and down these
ozark roads paved
in mud and chert

old man penley
left it here one day
got pissed off
cause it wouldn't
pull the hill
loaded full of wood
backed off in trees
and just said
came back a half
dozen times
stripped it clean
nothing left now
but a speedometer
one chrome bumper

just sits
permantly parked
sometimes a summer
home for roadrunners
but always rusting
a shell of the 50s

neighbors pass by
nod toward the truck
and say
that penley
he was a crazy