Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Pieces by George Anderson

On the Seine

it's raining in the
French Quarter as
we eat delicious

skewers of prawns
& mussels smash our
greasy white plates in

the fireplace later
sit under umbrellas
sipping Veure Clicquot

Yellow Label from plastic
champaigne glasses & in
the dark follow the brightly

lit tourists' boats trying to
forget Gaza where militants
fire make-shift rockets &

where schools & hospitals
at this very minute are being
bombed by the Israeli Air Force

the general election only three
weeks away our bottle dangerously
nearing the end of its usefulness.


She was born
on that late Friday evening
without lips
without a nose

her left foot attached
to her knee

six toes on her right foot

her heart & lungs
sweetly pumping

the neon grey noon
a slowly understood beauty
the handwriting describing this
barely legible

god's attempts at perfection reconfigured,
her colostomy bag one day attuned
to life's tragic appendage?

George Anderson lives in North Wollongong, Australia. Erbacce-press in July 2008 published a chapbook of his poems 'Dancing
On Thin Ice'. Check out his new blog: