Thursday, November 20, 2008

Innuendo by David Blaine


Someone has had his
on my money


he's seen everyone
I've ever paid off

this man's out back
his straightjacket's

but he's the sanest sonofabitch
In here

I ask him why he's laughing

locked up out of sight
and he says

I've got your number.

Collage: Medusa by David Blaine

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"A. Hello Whiskey."

David Blaine:

Has not been nominated for a Pushcart
Has never traveled to Paris or Pamplona
Nor been awarded an MFA degree
He hasn't been published in
The New Yorker, The Paris Review
Or Ploughshares
David doesn't get a birthday card
From Scribner or Norton
Donald Hall did write to him once
David didn't send the money

1 comment:

Scot said...

every number you have/they have--
nice work