Friday, November 28, 2008

No Regrets by Scot Young

Scot Young couldn't write a creative bio if his life depended on it.
Recent rumors of his death were blogged to sell his work and
should not really be taken seriously.


Crys said...

This photo is stunning, Scot. I keep going back to it and every time I am drawn deeper into this woman. I want to know more about her, or at least imagine I do.

Great job.

Scot said...

We spent the day with family enjoying the dinner and the beautiful day. I especially loved the time spent with Auntie Clara–is there a story in this face or what?

This angel is full of stories about growing up on the plains of Wyoming during cattle roundups before dirt roads when there was only wide spots. She told me of hauling in enough rock by horse drawn wagon to build a stone house. She spoke of how her family hitched up the wagon and drove it to Chugwater, Wyoming, housed the horses in the stable and from there took the train to Cheyenne.
She stated that the women in her family once they reached 90 never knew how to die and we are glad of that stubbornness. Clara is 94 and sometimes lets her pet raccoons into her kitchen to share her meals on wheels that are delivered daily to her. I asked her if she had any regrets?

“Not a damn one. I have always done as I pleased”