Tuesday, December 30, 2008

4th of December she wore a beret by Dan Gee

4th of December she wore a beret

for just seven pounds!

a bargain apparently we are told;

in the credit crunch,

but then it seems a liberty to pay

only seven pounds;

Go and buy clothes made from people not old

Will they get some lunch?

So Mrs Brown why did you buy the hat?

Because it was “Cheap”?

100 packs of noodles for that price

even in these times,

The Daily Mail’s front page where you sat

With people who weep

Inside we see unaffordable rice

Even in these times.

That beret’s not cheap, it comes from somewhere

Accumulate loot

In today’s green mint weaving industry

In the credit crunch

So, about Mrs Brown’s hat do I care?

Do we give a hoot?

Will they taste your rich and glossy honey?

In the credit crunch

Most of the time I dwell in his room writing poetry and prose about nearly everything and anything, but occasionally, like all creative minds (and students), I’ll destroy my body with excessive amounts of alcohol. Poetry is a form that before this year I had hardly touched, but now I write poetry everyday, with the occasional splattering of flash fiction and play writing. Cheers!!!

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