Monday, December 22, 2008

The Guild of Outsider Writers

I love this group of fine people. Please stop by to have a look and meet fellow writers, some of whom you'll recognize from Shoots and Vines. Lots of things get done here and everyone works hard to spread the word and encourage other writers. OW was the inspiration behind my zine because of the quality of work I saw there everyday.

Outsider Writers

If you have trouble with the format or questions, send an email my way and I'll do what I can to help you out.

Scroll down Shoots and Vines and on the bottom of the right sidebar is a link to my profile. Leave me a message and let me know you found Outsider Writers from Shoots and Vines.

Hope you all enjoy the group as much as I do.

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LynnAlexander said...

Thanks for your energy, enthusiasm, and supportive ways Crys. I'm glad I met you! I have high hopes for the projects we are doing over there, and really hope we continue to move in the collaborative direction. That's what OW has always been- cooperative efforts- but I would like to see more cross-pollination. You know?

Thanks for posting. And hello to all of our friends who are here too!