Thursday, December 4, 2008

Resurgence by Charles Brooks III

Taking turns guessing where songs start,

Hank Mobley records get shuffled with Led Zeppelin

while window fans scatter acrid smoke.

LP's deliver Kerouac's drunken haikus

and Nat King Cole's Unforgettable.

Discolored cardboard, unsellable in back rooms

a decade ago, two decades,

now vinyl redeems itself.

Real disciples always keep a table

spinning for Saturday afternoons,

or a Wednesday night.

You can turn it on and dance alone,

realizing Ray LaMontagne sounds like winter.

Charles Clifford Brooks III is a poet and freelance writer living in Georgia USA. He was inducted into the National Creative Society his senior year at Shorter College where he also obtained a BS in History\Political Science with a minor in English Literature. Along with his creative endeavors, he also contributes articles to several magazines and a newspaper. He was recently brought on as Poetry Editor for Literary Magic Magazine. In August of 2008, Ghost Shadow Press picked up his first book of poetry “Whirling Metaphysics” to publish in 2009.

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