Thursday, December 25, 2008

Unspoken Words by Marie Gornell

whilst wind howls
outside window
first instances of
loneliness reach
even my womb;
blood shreds
from cervix
preparing my tomb.

Maybe its hints
of spring awakening
something deep
seeds i hoped
If you hadn't
been so weak.

Wind reminds me
i should mourn,
death of you and i
located deep in
my bones.
Like a lost child
again, waiting to
be reborn.
Even after all your
hate, am tired
knowing this
dilapidate is
part of moving on.

Why still i miss
your presence;
so scared of
In the end its
always this way
after all.
a shroud of
sloth was
our downfall.

Yet i loved
you motionless
lips smile, as kisses
explored soft skin;
tense muscles
relax as my fingers
knead over over
memories all
we have left;
what could have
been, what was,
now gone.

Never had the
to show
my love,
everyone thinks
you deserve
nothing more
yet i know
what i felt
in this brief

in emotions
from hate to
eternal love;
i cannot express
no more,
intimacy i crave,
yet with you
What i couldn't
say in last words
i utter now
i care regardless
of all thats passed;
Te amour
i wish you luck.

'Meet you on the other side'

Maria Gornell has been writing seriously for 2 years, after having a breakdown
and leaving university, she became a recluse for a while and found writing to
be therapeutic. After a while people began to comment on her gift and invited
her to open mic nights where she now reads her poems to audiences all over
Liverpool. She works voluntary with the wild transformation movement and is training
in counselling. She has been published in various online zines such as the beat,
Blacklisted mag, opiumpoetry, unheardwords, Heroin love songs and in print in
Liverpool 800 poems anthology, Heartbeats poetry journal and Agua issue 1.
She has also done various spoken word projects in collaboration with musicians
on myspace and is on 3 music CDS 2 with poetry over music and one with the
Musician Manic M from the Netherlands. She lives in Liverpool with her 15 year
old daughter.

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