Friday, January 2, 2009

Featured Writer: Matt Finney Day 1


the sound of my heart in these claustrophobic spaces or a dark wind blowing. my hands without anything to offer and these words are distortions. lungs full of ashes and who i dream about is mcveigh. all of this gore in the name of freedom. the violent ease of one century moving into another.



the war torn towns and abandoned cars. all of the miles that were driven in silence. our small addictions and dying religions and i can't make the clocks move forward. every action is driven by greed or fear. the blankets hold infection. the machine's stomach is bleeding out. this is the end result of history.

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LynnAlexander said...

How cool to see Matt over here! Excellent.

I like the second one best, the allusions, a little cryptic but cool.